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June 10th, 2015

We Escaped!

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From the worlds of Super Mario Bros. to Myst to Assassins Creed, I have always been a gamer.  As both a reader and an avid movie buff, I always felt games was the perfect melding of the two – with the added bonus of active engagement.  So, when the Lawline Culture Committee met a few weeks ago to decide what fun things we could do as a company, I immediately jumped on a new way to game: Escape the Room NYC.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, Escape the Room is an interactive gaming experience in New York City that puts players in a seemingly ordinary room that is actually a puzzle.  The goal – escape in 60 minutes by collaborating as a team to find clues, hidden objects, and solve the puzzles. Cool, right? (more…)

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Sigalle Barness

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November 20th, 2014

Who Says You Can’t Have a Little Fun at Work?

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Working at Lawline has always has it’s perks – whether it’s utilizing our cool new space, enjoying our improved benefits plan, or running with coworkers for a good cause, there is much to appreciate.   Recently, Lawline unveiled it’s new state-of-the-art studio where faculty could benefit from the latest technology and branding opportunities to further share their expertise with the world.  In the past few months over 100 hours of content was filmed in our new studio addressing the market’s hottest topics and legal complexities.

So … that got me thinking.  Why should faculty have all the fun?  And Lawline Lip Sync Night was born.  Below is just a taste of one of many songs Lawline staff used to showcase their additional talents.  Now, the studio moonlights as wonderful way for employees to kick back after work, hang out and let the creativity flow.

Song requests are welcome and highly encouraged.


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Sigalle Barness

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February 25th, 2014

How the Mighty Fall: A Corporate Lesson for Individuals

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Reblogged from Sigalle Barness: Celebrating Life, Law, Travel & Food.

In the article How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins illuminates the falling aspect of life’s roller coaster ride. Specifically, he points out that the “Egyptian Old Kingdom, the Chou Dynasty, the Hittite Empire—all fell. Athens fell. Rome fell. Even Britain, which stood a century before as a global superpower, saw its position erode.” And although Collins’ article was meant as “A Primer on the Warning Signs” for companies in decline, I found the article to be extremely illuminating for anyone dealing with some adversity in their life.

The one part I want to discuss in particular is Collins’ ‘”Hubris Born of Success stage.  His discussion was actually quite reminiscent of Socrates’ interpretation of the phrase “Know Thyself” and, in essence, provides a preventive measure (or at least an easing mechanism) for inevitable declines in life.

Collins discusses the first stage of a successful companies’ fall as the failure to understand what brought about initial success in the first place.  Collins states that when “people become arrogant, regarding success virtually as an entitlement … they lose sight of the true underlying factors that created success in the first place.”

So what does this mean in real life? Simply put: curb your enthusiasm and belief that you succeeded just because. Instead, strive to understand why you succeeded at the highest points of your coaster ride.  Oh – and don’t forget to factor in luck because “those who fail to acknowledge the role luck may have played … overestimate their own merit and capabilities…”.

Truly, though, at its very core, the message is self-awareness. It means recognizing the height of happiness as a product of specific actions and decisions made (along with just the right amount of chance mixed in).  More importantly, it means comprehending why those specific factors work and under what conditions they would (or would not) work again.

Easier said than done? Absolutely.

Nevertheless, it’s proven to be an interesting lesson on staying in touch with reality at the highest points in life while staying proactive in the lower parts.

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Sigalle Barness

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February 21st, 2014


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Check out Lawline’s Upcoming February Events!

Reblogged from: February 2014 Events by Sigalle Barness: Celebrating Life, Law, Travel & Food.






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Sigalle Barness

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January 7th, 2014

15 Minutes for You…

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About a year ago, FurtherEd CEO, David Schnurman, sat me and ten other employees down and handed us all a piece of paper. On it, was a madlibs formula that told a story about what life was currently like and what it would eventually be in five years. Everyone in the room took fifteen minutes and filled it out – and then we all went around the room and shared our vision for ourselves.

What I discovered about myself were things I wasn’t even aware were so important to me. I discovered I wanted the following things to be part of every single day moving forward:

  • To make sure vegetables are the first thing in my body every morning.
  • To sing and dance every day – just because.
  • To write – because when I don’t, I feel too full.
  • To be around people who make me laugh … hard.
  • To be challenged and never succumb to complacency.

Perhaps most importantly, however, was the realization that the insight I gained was a product of just fifteen minutes of focusing. What, I began to imagine, could I learn if I took an hour, a day, or even a week to really think about what I wanted? In that moment, I learned to stop floating with only a vague understanding of where I was heading. In that moment, I understood that I had been somewhat of a passenger rather than the driving factor of how my life was panning out.

Now, that was a year ago and admittedly I haven’t been as diligent in practicing the preach but … the lesson was ingrained enough to inform the important decisions I made throughout 2013. Despite that, what better time than now to pause, review and take my fifteen minutes? Thus, I encourage everyone who reads this to do the same and, if you would be comfortable sharing, I would be honored to read your past achievements and future goals as well!

2013 Accomplishments:

  • High Five’d Moby in Brooklyn
  • Fell in love in New Orleans
  • Served as a juror for 6 weeks
  • Invented 3 new recipes
  • Ran a 5k in 36 minutes
  • Got promoted
  • Chose air over smoke
  • Chose the harder path for the greater good
  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Achieved the Crow Pose
  • Traveled Alone…and met my travel soul mates
  • Navigated a Bamboo Raft
  • Rode an Elephant
  • Learned 6 new recipes
  • Found Peace in a Buddhist Temple
  • Wished on a shooting Star in the Jungle
  • Danced on the beaches of Ko Phi Phi
  • Dived with sharks in the Andaman Sea
  • Made and implemented a financial plan

2014 Goals

  • Volunteer at least 3 times
  • Spend more time not just with but knowing my family
  • Take 1 risk a day
  • Go on a yoga retreat
  • Listen more and talk less
  • Do at least 3 things that scare me
  • Write, Write, Write
  • Leave the country again at least once
  • Save at least 2 months salary
  • Get Scuba Certified
  • Achieve a head stand
  • Read 3 books that will help me grow
  • Dance on the beaches of another foreign sea
  • Travel to at least 2 new U.S. states
  • Eat 1 thing I have never eaten before

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope 2014 brings you EVERYTHING you want, need and desire.

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Sigalle Barness

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January 4th, 2013

In the most unlikely of places …

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One important way to further one’s personal growth is to continuously strive to remain challenged in life’s endeavors and, perhaps most importantly, resist the urge to settle into complacency.  An individual that implements this mentality has a greater likelihood to identify possibility and opportunity – even in the most unlikely of places.

My morning meeting consisted of a video that is an embodiment of just that – the ability to see beauty and opportunity in something that is not necessarily apparent at first glance.  While reading the newspaper one morning, this individual saw a picture of birds on the electric wire.  Cutting out the photo – this individual decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes.  A perfect example of what results if we just open our eyes (and ears) a bit wider… Enjoy!

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