Elder Abuse and Substance Abuse, Blockchain and Student Loans: February’s Top CLE

February 2, 2018

Although it may be the shortest month of the year, February at Lawline is packed full of great CLE. Catch up on your credits while you’re trapped inside anyway.

Can’t make a live webcast? That’s okay - all of our courses go on demand within 48 hours after airing.

  • The Black and White World of Elder Abuse: When Capacity is Gray. As the American population ages, it is crucial for attorneys to be able to assess and address instances of suspected elder abuse. Review the warning signs and identify best practices for intervention, including when to initiate guardianship proceedings.  Airing February 5 at 3:30 pm EDT.
  • Resolving Defaulted Student Loans. The statistics are staggering - 44 million borrowers owe nearly 1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Whether you’re advising your clients on their student loans or are worried about your own, you’ll benefit from this overview of the options available to defaulted student loan debtors.  Airing February 6 at 12:30 pm EDT.
  • Pretrial Justice: Current Trends in Bail and Bail Reform. In an era when criminal justice reform has become a bipartisan issue, bail practices are an increasingly hot topic nationwide. Take a deep dive into the current landscape of bail reform initiatives - including common justifications and predictions for the future - with this timely program.  Airing February 8 at 2:00 pm EDT.
  • Blockchains: How They Work and Why They Matter. Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. No doubt you’ve heard these terms in the news, but you may not fully understand how they work - or what the legal implications are. Learn about the underlying technology, potential uses, and the new legislation you’ll need to know to advise your clients. Airing February 13 at 3:00 pm EDT.
  • Addiction and Mental Health in the Legal Profession: The Path to Lawyer Wellness. “Attorney mental health” shouldn’t be an oxymoron - but something about the profession fosters substance abuse disorders at rates far higher than the general population. Discuss the warning signs that someone might need help, and how to get it.  Airing February 20 at 1:00 pm EDT.


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Written by Sarah Mills

The most recent Program Attorney, Sarah graduated from Simon's Rock College in 2005 with a BA in Linguistics, did some time in the NYC events world, and then returned to academia and graduated from New York Law School in 2012. Before joining Lawline, she worked in litigation management as a legal auditor, a job which made her lots of friends with partners at major law firms. She is a practical idealist, a cat lover, and enjoys defending bad weather and the MTA.


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