5 CLE For News Junkies this Election Year

Lawline Staff Writer | February 13, 2020

CLE is designed to keep you up to date on your legal obligations, but attorneys on the top of their game are also tuned in to the current events of the day as well. Luckily for you, Lawline has programs to help you fulfill your CLE obligations while also staying up to date on the news. Check out our top five picks for news junkies below:

  1. Election Cybersecurity Update: Interference and Integrity Ahead of the 2020 Election. No, it wasn’t hackers in Iowa - this time. But this course provides an important overview of the current political cybersecurity landscape, and will absolutely help you sound smart when you are talking about the primaries at the bar. 
  2. What if President Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial Were Conducted under the Federal Rules of Evidence? This timely program goes through the evidence from Trump’s impeachment trial, and how it would have been treated in federal court. One viewer praised, “A fellow political junkie taking a thought experiment with me. And refreshing my memory of the rules of evidence. Just great.”
  3. SCOTUS Preview 2020 Part I and Part II. Staying up to date on the current SCOTUS docket can be time consuming, but is absolutely critical for lawyers. Part I of this popular annual SCOTUS Preview will get you up to speed on the criminal and immigration cases on the docket, and Part II covers constitutional and civil liberties issues like gender discrimination, abortion, the first amendment, and the statutory authority of Congress to subpoena the President. 
  4. This Side of the Wall: The Ever-Changing U.S. Immigration Landscape. Speaking of immigration, this program will explore the very latest in immigration policy, with a focus on the employer-side issues. 
  5. The End of Prohibition? Pending Federal Cannabis Legislation in 2020. This April webcast will explore the most recent changes to cannabis legalization at the state and federal level, and trends to expect in 2020. Can’t wait until April? Check out Cannabis Regulation in a Post-Cole Memo World: Expecting the Unexpected

Want more? Check out our In the News Curriculum Bundle for other timely recommendations. 



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