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Shaun Salmon | May 21, 2018

Looking for a few fun and informative reads? Check out the top five Lawline Blog posts of 2018:

  1. Year in Review: Our Top Women Faculty of 2017.  We paid homage to some of the amazing women who put their time and expertise to work for us. We analyzed our data carefully to put together this second annual installment of Lawline’s Top Women Faculty, which highlights 25 fantastic female faculty who taught compelling and insightful programs - both solo and on panels - in 2017. Check out the fierce women who are owning the legal profession!
  2. Lawline Honored to Be Recognized to Top Three Online CLE Providers by National Law Journal.  This is pretty self-explanatory, but as the second-highest performing blog post of the year, we couldn’t leave it out! Take a look at the article, highlighting Lawline’s technology, platform, and incomparable courses. (You know, generally why we won an award!)  
  3. Filming the Police: Getting to Know Your First Amendment Rights.  Civil rights are where everyone’s heads are at these days - and the concept of first amendment rights when filming the police is no exception. Take a quick detour to this article to learn about cases like Fields v. City of Philadelphia and Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach, Florida, as well as to understand how exercising this right has led to critical evidence in cases that might never have been prosecuted without it.
  4. New York’s New 2018 CLE Requirement on Diversity, Inclusion, & Elimination of Bias.  A new CLE requirement is often confusing - so it’s no wonder this post, explaining New York’s newest requirement, ranks so high. If you’re admitted in New York and haven’t read this post yet, drop everything and give it a read!
  5. The Top Courses Lawyers Love.  Shout out to the people who leave comments on Lawline programs; you help us make the content consistently better! Looking to find a few fan favorites to add to your list of courses to watch? Here are a few of the very best comments on the most popular programs of 2018, like Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Competence in the Legal Profession and SCOTUS Preview 2018.

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Written by Shaun Salmon

Shaun is the Director of Content at Lawline. She holds a JD with a certification in Intellectual Property/Entertainment & Sports Law from Seton Hall Law and is admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey. In her free time, she coaches a high school dance team and choreographs the school’s musical. She is also a passionate advocate for animals and strives to cultivate Animal Law programs, among her other endeavors with the company.


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