Divorce, Retirement Assets, and Workplace Investigations: New Courses Designed for the Connecticut Practitioner

December 22, 2017

This year (and for the first time ever!), Connecticut attorneys were required to complete mandatory continuing legal education. The new rule requires attorneys to complete 12 CLE credits by December 31 of each year.

Completing mandatory continuing legal education can be a drag, especially during the holiday season! To make the new requirement as simple and relevant as possible, Lawline has two brand-new CLE courses focused solely on Connecticut state law that provide practical skills to the Connecticut practitioner.

Elizabeth McMahon, who teaches Divorce and Distribution of Retirement Assets in Connecticut, explains why this often overlooked subject is so important for the Connecticut attorney. “Retirement assets can be the largest asset in a marital estate, yet frequently the division is not given much thought,” she says. “This course explains the features of the retirement assets you’re likely to encounter, as well as the most common non-ERISA pensions.  It covers the issues that should be addressed when dividing each.” The course also provides tips for how to effectively draft separation agreements, and reviews sample model language to include when creating those agreements.

For the Connecticut attorney who practices employment law, Workplace Investigations in Connecticut: Best Practices When Defending An Employer is especially pertinent. This course explores how to conduct prompt, thorough, and unbiased workplace investigations. It also provides an in-depth overview of the legal requirements for conducting such investigations, and practical techniques that employers can utilize to avoid workplace liability down the line. At a time when more and more employees are speaking out against their employers, this program is particularly useful and timely.

Looking for more? With 1,000+ programs accredited in Connecticut, you’re sure to find something up your alley. Happy CLE-watching!


Author Bio

Written by Angelica Cesario

Angelica is a Program Attorney with Lawline. She graduated cum laude from Amherst College in 2008 and holds a B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies and a Certificate in Latino and Latin American Studies. She received her J.D. from Columbia Law School in 2013 and is admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey. Before joining Lawline, Angelica worked as a labor & employment litigation attorney. Outside of work, Angelica mentors a bright and funny high school student and serves on the Board of Directors of the TEAK Fellowship. During her free time, Angelica loves to read, try new foods, and spend time with her wife, daughter, and her dog, Scotty.


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