5 Apps No Accountant Should Be Without

May 31, 2013

When I was working for a concert venue in Florida, we hosted a show sponsored by a major cell phone provider.  I was amused to see that although they used their company's phones for work, every single one of them had an iPhone as their personal phone.  I myself succumbed to the iPhone after my old phone broke and there were no replacements that could stand up to the technology (in my humble opinion).  In the spirit of celebrating the iPhone's versatility, I present the Top 5 apps and features that no accountant should be without.

Xero-  Xero is a one-stop shop for managing your business.  With this free app, you can view your various accounts, create and send invoices, take pictures of receipts and submit expense claims.  This app is perfect for the modern business person who is constantly on the move.

E*Trade Mobile- For those plugged into the stock market, you can't beat the baby with the portfolio.  It really is simple to manage your accounts, place trades and do research all from one place on your iPhone.  You can also deposit checks remotely using the phone's camera as well as scanning bar codes to identify a company or symbol.

Venmo-  The Venmo app makes everything from paying a bill to paying back a friend as easy as possible.  This payment app was created by a subsidiarity of Braintree who power the payments you make on LivingSocial, Angry Birds and many other payment avenues.  You can also attach notes to payments that will make it easy to remember exactly what you talked about at that business lunch you had with a client.

Kashoo Accounting-  For the more serious business owner, there is Kashoo Accounting which requires a monthly or yearly subscription for a small fee.  This system can upload multiple attachments to expenses and invoices, sync your attachments to the cloud and create professional financial reports.  PC Magazine called it "The best iPad app we've seen for online small business accounting".
iXpenselt- iXpenselt takes your expense tracking and budgeting to the next level.  CNN Money Magazine awarded it their "Best iPhone Apps" designation and it was the winner of "Best App Award" on About.com's 2013 Readers Choice.  This app will give you upcoming bill reminders; record all your budgeting and income and even create Trend Bar Charts for expenses and cash flow.  This app also makes it easy to import/export .CSV and HTML data via e-mail or Wi-Fi.


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