5 Social Media Benefits and Uses for Educators

July 3, 2013
  1. Video Learning. With social media plugs like YouTube and Vimeo, students now have a wealth of aesthetically pleasing video content right at their finger tips.  In a matter of seconds any topic, idea or presentation can be elaborated on.  This comes in handy with any subject, but I've noticed Math especially.  Videos explanations are often uploaded, adding another point of view and possibly the light at the end of the tunnel for some difficult equations. This includes great sites like teachem, which enable flashcards and other useful educational tactics.
  2. Blogs.  Sometimes it pays to be opinionated, and when combined with intelligence on a matter, a beautiful blog is born.  Things are often presented in a dry manner in the classroom but with the "blogosphere", education now has a personality.
  3. Distance Communication.  No longer is the classroom limited to chairs and a chalkboard.  With sites and apps like Google+ hangouts, students and teachers can brainstorm and discuss from opposite ends of the earth if need be.  Coinciding applications can be used as well such as scheduling, post it notes and brainstorm boards.
  4. Collected Data & Analytics.  While Google and Facebook analytics seem to be the most developed at this point, it is only a matter of time before all social media facets can accurately give demographic information related to followers, popular topics and share rates.  With current information, its easy to see what ideas and topics affect what age groups and locations.  Teachers can use this to peak interest or maintain interest pertaining to their students or curriculum.
  5. Collaboration.  With all the various forms of social media, it gives students more opportunities to collaborate and in different ways.  Instantaneous responses and discussions can begin with a simple tweet or Facebook post. This can help close the gap between cliques and expand ways of communicating between all levels of educations.


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