5 Social Media Uses for Accountants

June 18, 2013
  1. Company "Bragging".  Are you or is your company considered an expert in your area of practice? How long have you been in your field of work? While these questions can be answered on a company or accountant's main website, social media can be an additional source of expertise.  This can include "Tip of the Day" videos posted on Youtube or even an "Ask an Accountant" weekly session where feedback is provided to questions and inquiries.
  2. Increased Web Traffic. As mentioned above, social media can demonstrate expertise.  When this expertise is demonstrated correctly and consistently then an accountant or company's main website will absolutely see more web traffic and inquiries.
  3. Company Announcements.  Good news galore!  Social media is a fantastic way to promote or announce new happenings at any company.  This can include new hires, changes of location or even contests for social media users only! (everyone loves exclusivity)!  Information can spread like wild fire through social media so why not have it be your good news?
  4. Testimonials.  Company announcements and more specifically good news can come in many forms.   Testimonials and reviews are some of the most important as they can influence potential clients or colleagues.  These can be anything from tweets about a great service, videos posted on Youtube or stories posted to Facebook.  While there might be some bad press (which can be somewhat monitored) there's always an opportunity to have a happy customer voice some praises.
  5. Applications.  Smartphone apps continue to save the day. While there are what seems to be an unlimited amount of app choices, FurtherEd CPE Coordinator Jeff Fannon touches on this with a previous post "5 Apps No Accountant Should Be Without".


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