A Passionate Look at the Rights of Sex Offense Victims

August 22, 2013

Lawline.com has a lot of great faculty; a lot of really great faculty. Truth be told, this office is akin to the sub-saharan water features, drawing all sorts of different folks from different backgrounds with different educations. The primary difference being that rather than drinking from the pool, these attorneys instead restore, refill and replenish the pool – how poetic!

A colleague asked me the other day in the midst of our discussion on how to build better programming, “what makes a great program?”

Truth be told, again, I’d never really taken the time to break down our schema to this simplest of simple measures.

I stuttered. “Ummm… smart presenter, anddddddd interesting topic.” With such a short stroke of dull insight I’d succeeded only in stating the extraordinarily obvious. The standard follow up to a thoughtless answer and the best way to admit thoughtlessness without flat out blogging about it? “Let me think about that and get back to you.” Years of corporate training on display – museum quality nonsense.

The clock was running. I started combing our faculty lists – nothing new. I started browsing the different sub-topic catalogs and still, nothing rang my bell.

So, I opened up the calendar, retracing my steps through time in effort to surface a deeper meaning to “good CLE.” Upon reaching back to July 11th (a day infamous as the founding of Tijuana, Mexico), my search came to an abrupt end. I’d discovered the holy grail of CLE courtesy of a wonderful presenter, Carolyn Miller.

I do not want to gloss over the importance of Carolyn Miller’s topic but if you’d like to know more about her fabulous course, Victim’s Rights: Giving a Voice to Those Who Need It Most), click the link, read the description and check it out. But, what I’d like to call to attention is the passion in this woman’s voice.

Understandably, after years and years of related if not redundant practice, an attorney’s voice might shed some of the excitement initially projected upon first learning, say, that taxes come not only before but also after death.  But Carolyn Miller, my friends, Carolyn Miller is a woman who leaves no room for questioning her profound relationship with the area in which she practices. Her energy comes through, strongly and contagiously. As a result, this course made up of fascinating, useful, unique knowledge and information becomes that much BETTER.

So there it is! A presenter with a visible and audible passion for their topic is the keystone to the CLE bridge to knowledge. I took it back to my colleague, and spruced up with a few assistive hand gestures, proclaimed my discovery and we agreed. Problem solved. Another day in the Lawline studio!


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