Bridge the Gap 101

June 4, 2013

Starting in February (a division of FurtherEd tailored to CLE) began offering a monthly weekend long Bridge the Gap series tailored specifically for newly admitted New York attorneys. These events include lectures on a variety of topics ranging from torts and trial skills to starting and managing your own practice. While tailored for newly admitted attorneys, much of what the presenters discussed could prove valuable to many a seasoned attorney. The following quotes are some highlights from the event that on their face may seem basic but can prove useful for any attorney.

  • “Torts is a question of corrective justice”
  • “When Your adversary is making their opening statement, don’t make faces”
  • “In your opening statement, don’t make promises that you can’t keep – instead respectfully submit an idea”
  • “Copyright law is the skeleton of the music business”
  • “In a cross examination focus on what the expert witness did not base his notes off”
  • “In a cross examination don’t let anyone throw you off, you’re the director and it’s your show”

For a schedule of our upcoming Bridge the Gap seminars, take a look here.



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