Caldon Brothers Bring A New Sense to "Street Cents"

June 7, 2013

While habitually checking my Facebook status like any Millennial baby these days, I see one of my friends, who is also a teacher in Harlem, asking for Facebook’s assistance.  She asks her fellow Facebookers, “If you have a suggestion for what a small human needs to know about the way the stock market works, feel free to let me know.” Immediately after reading this, my mind went to the recent FurtherEdTV interview with brothers Nigel and Vaughn Caldon. These brothers, both with background knowledge and experience in the financial industry, serve as senior members of “Prep for Prep”, an after school program geared towards educating kids about the finance market. This includes everything from smart investments, stock market basics, and even how to budget daily lifestyles. One particular program the Caldon brothers use to help the kids of New York is the “Street Cents” project.  This project is a computer based game that allows students to use fake money while simulating real life scenarios.

Throughout the interview our compelling host (and fellow blogger) Micah Bochart asked our guests how technology molded and influenced the way the program was structured. The Caldon brothers mentioned the heavy use of iPads within these urban classrooms and how these devices are becoming more and more regular.  iPads allow students to instantly gain hands on experience with modern day technology while still stimulating the notion of instant access to information in their school, in their country, and around the world.

Nigel Caldon also mentioned how it is a goal for him to learn how to code (HTML, CSS etc). His testimony allows viewers to grasp the importance of our progressing technology and how in a few years, the foreign language of computer coding might become the common tongue of the future generation.

To view the full interview, check out the FurtherEd TV Show channel on teachem: "Educators & Innovators: The Street Academy".


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