E-Reading Taking Over the Classroom

June 5, 2013

Say goodbye to heavy textbooks and piles of half-filled notebooks. In the rapidly developing digital learning environment, there is no room for these vestiges of the traditional classroom. Online learning is providing the tools and usability that make absorbing a full-featured course a reality.

The growing introduction of digital textbooks into the classroom is changing the landscape of how teachers and students will be able to interact not just with course materials, but through course materials.

As course materials become digital, the ability to collect meaningful data about student engagement could shed light on more than just an individual's performance. The collection of this data could help in the evaluation of the course materials themselves, the influence of faculty/teachers, and the relevance and difficulty of the testing provided.

There are two companies that are revolutionizing how we interact with text materials.

One is CourseSmart that is partnering with publishers to make textbooks and course materials available in digital format to students, faculty, and institutions.

Key Feature: Student Engagement Index
This Scores the student based on averages of session length, pages viewed, and highlights/notes/bookmarks made by the student.

Another great platform is Kno, which is a very feature rich product that believes engagement is the leading indicator of learning success.

Key Feature: Know Me Dashboard
A personal dashboard that helps students and teachers track learning engagement. Students have the ability to share and compare stats on time spent reading, notes taken, and flashcard usage with other classmates to get feedback on study habits.

We may not be ready to throw formal testing out the window just yet, but as more technology that can provide meaningful feedback on a students' engagement with course material becomes available and reliable we may have the revolution we need to overhaul how we track progress in education.

How is FurtherEd using new technology with its courses? Check out SmartNotes within our courses where you can add and review notes as you watch our courses and time stamp them as you watch the course.


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Written by Rich Hernandez

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