Has Bitcoin bankruptcy and theft from Mt. Gox changed the perspective on Bitcoin security?

June 12, 2014

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Bitcoin, Digital Currency and the Law

Question:  "Has the bankruptcy and theft of Bitcoins from Mt. Gox changed your perspective on the security of Bitcoin? Why or why not?"

Answer by Marco Santori: "It's critical to distinguish between the security of the Bitcoin network (today, highly secure) and the security of the services running atop the network, using the Bitcoin protocol (security varies widely). The measure of the security of the Bitcoin network is, by proxy, the hashrate - the total amount of mining power online. As of this moment, that number is incredibly high. It is in fact the most powerful computer network in the history of the world. Also as of this moment, it isn't clear just what happened to the coins at Gox. It could have been a security breach, embezzlement, or negligent practice - it's just difficult to tell. If anything, the Gox insolvency underscores the need for more secure and user-friendly services."

This Question and Answer was taken from the Lawline CLE Program entitled Bitcoin, Digital Currency and the Law presented by Lawline Faculty member Marco Santori. 

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