Oops! Employee Mistakes and Litigation: Spotlight on Lauren Ellerman's Course

August 7, 2013

Everybody makes mistakes. It's why pencils have erasers, why keyboards have a backspace key, and why Gmail lets you retract that email you didn't mean to send to the entire office. In fact, email blunders are one of the most common ways in which employees get themselves into potentially costly trouble.

In her most recent Lawline course entitled "Top Ten Mistakes Virginia Employees Make That Lead to Litigation", Lauren Ellerman reviews what mistakes people tend to make, as well as how to avoid them. It's geared specifically for Virginia attorneys, but anyone who has ever downloaded company information onto their personal computer, said too much at a cocktail party, or posted company information on a social networking site could definitely benefit from Lauren's preventative medicine. Take a look!


Author Bio

Written by Meredith Cohen

Meredith is the Director of Customer Experience at Lawline but has taken on a number of diverse roles within the company over the years, and has handled just about everything from managing customer databases to doing post-production work on courses. Since joining the Lawline team in 2012, she has gotten her MBA online, done some world traveling, and hand-fed an ostrich. She loves singing off-key in the car, shouting out the questions on ‘Jeopardy!’ and eating dessert first.


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