So I'm Going to Be a 1L ...

July 21, 2013

... and I'm terrified.  Terrified might be a strong word, but nervous only covers half of it. There are a lot of feelings associated with my pending start of law school this August, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  But, I am not one to sit idly and let such feelings consume me.

After all the insight attorneys and opinionated adults have so generously bestowed on me (every chance they get), I made it a point to be proactive, to be ahead of the game, to be as prepared as I can be.  As any 20-something would do, I started with the internet.  As any old(er) soul would do, I also started with Barnes and Noble.  During my search I was able to find a few resources that will not only give me a heads up, but will be useful throughout my time at law school and ultimately as a lawyer.  Should any of you need such resources, you are in luck, for I am bestowing my new found best friends right here.

  1. Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams by Richard Michael Fischl and Jeremy Paul.  While there is not set in stone way that guarantees exam success in law school, there are an endless amount of tips and strategies that will definitely help.  Fischl and Paul divulge a set of these strategies in Getting to Maybe, giving readers the extra help they need in translating legal jargon and arguments into your next A+.
  2. Plain English for Lawyers by Richard C. Wydick.   Now in it's Fifth Edition, Plain English for Lawyers provides simplified explanations, examples and even exercises that are crucial to legal writing.  This book is a necessity for anyone in any legal related field period.
  3. The Girls Guide to Law School.  Sorry boys, this one's for us! Created by Alison Monahan, a 2006 graduate of Columbia Law School, The Girls Guide to Law School covers everything you can think of.  Beginning with LSAT prep and ending with how bad "big law" really is or isn't (you decide!).  Alison offers insight in weekly emails/newsletters that help readers find their way through legal life.
  4. You might say I'm biased, but I'm proud to choose as one of my resources!  While it's focus is for those who are already attorneys, Lawline has proven to be a great reference point as it has many courses that not only explain current laws and issues but how they relate to the public and different audiences.  I am confident I will have it bookmarked throughout law school as well as my career.


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