What Are the Top Video Apps and Their Differences, You Ask? I'll Tell You.

July 11, 2013

Vine: Twitter created Vine with a looping effect that allows posts to repeat when viewed. Vine also allows users to combine small video segments into an overall video as opposed to one full video. Recent updates have also incorporated "revining" and photo focus and grid tools.  Vine seems to be the one major contender against Instagram's new video feature.

Video Length: 7 seconds
Filters: No
Price: Free
Posts from: iOS

Keek: Often promoted by the infamous Kardashians, Keek is a video application that seems to be simmering out as newer, more popular video apps begin to surface.  Keek has created more of a community allowing private messaging, "Keekmail" and a rating feature that promotes user reputations.

Video Length: 36 seconds max
Filters: No
Price: Free
Posts from: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Instagram: Despite being new to the video recording game, Instagram has quickly become one of the raining platforms for video sharing.  With filters to alter the picture and an already large following from it's photography feature, Instagram is a duel threat. It also includes the "stop and start" option where multiple clips can be combined into the video, similar to Vine does.

Video Length:  15 seconds maximum
Filters: Yes
Price: Free
Posts from: iOS, Android

Snapchat:  While there is much buzz circulating the actuality of pictures and videos "disappearing", Snapchat has taken smartphones by storm.  Originally created with just a photo feature, Snapchat now allows videos to be recorded and sent to friends with a limited viewing time.  The benefit of Snapchat is videos and photos are not stored, wasting valuable memory space.

Video Length: 10 seconds maximum
Filters: No
Price: Free
Posts from:  iOS, Android


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