Pandemic Law Practice Management: How to Leverage Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

Lawline Staff | June 11, 2020

The recent CLE program Thriving, not Surviving: How to Leverage Resilience in your Practice in the Face of Uncertainty, taught by Ruby Powers, will help you identify the “opportunity in today’s crisis.” The program provides a framework for taking stock of  your practice, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing the tools you need to grow your practice in times of uncertainty. Check out the top three takeaways from this program below:

     1.      Take Stock of Your Situation: Remember to work on the business, not in the business. 

    1. Review all of your numbers and reforecast your revenue and spend in light of COVID.
    2. Pulse check to ensure you are “activating” all of your lower-hanging fruit, contacts, and allies.
    3. Identify the costs that can be paused, pushed, or cancelled entirely. 

     2.      Improve Your Leadership Skills: Crisis can cultivate a better leader.

    1. Practice self-care, including the physical (sleep and exercise); mental (such as a technology detox); emotional (socially distant conversations with friends); and spiritual (meditation, anyone?). 
    2. Give your team purpose and clarity, or “the why”. 
    3. Don’t let the faith that you’ll succeed compromise your discipline. Confront reality and do what  needs to be done.

     3.     Focus on Your Ethical Commitments: Your ethical obligations don’t pause during a crisis.

    1. Ensure that your remote practice maintains client confidentiality.
    2. Make sure you have the bandwidth to zealously represent your clients.
    3. Communicate any change in circumstances to your clients. 
    4. Don’t forget to check in on conflicts - your circumstances may have changed, which sometimes entails new conflicts of interest.

There are a lot of legal issues for law firms and companies alike to consider during this unprecedented, stressful time. Watch the full course to help you grapple with the tasks at hand and ensure your practice’s resilience during the current pandemic - and unforeseeable future crises as well.  

As always, stay safe and healthy, encourage your employees to do the same, and tune in to Lawline CLE and Lawline Free Resources for ongoing updates during the pandemic.  


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