Seven Great #lawtwitter Tweets from the Age of Coronavirus

Sarah Mills | March 24, 2020

As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic recently started hitting home, social media has been a dark place. Between dire news warnings and posts from friends and co-workers struggling to adjust to the new normal, it can seem like there’s not a lot of levity out there.

Luckily, lawyers have always tended to dark humor, and the #lawtwitter pandemic response is proof. If you need a little legal humor to get through your WFH, check out these tweets.


  1. This guy, who is definitely looking into the future.

    Quarantine day #169: all courthouses are closed. Oral arguments are are uploaded to TikTok and decided by number of likes. Damages are awarded in toilet paper. Punitive damages are paid via hand sanitizer.

    — litigation_god (@GodLitigation) March 18, 2020
  2. After Marco Rubio made a regrettable typo, the lawyers were there to pile on.

  3. Bad legal puns? Or GREAT legal puns?
  4. I mean, we would all watch this show.
  5. This lawyer has some suggestions for the court.
  6. We have concerns.
  7. Well, you will be saving money on Lyft.


(But seriously, we know lawyers have high substance abuse rates - if you’re struggling right now, there are also online AA meetings you can attend.) 

Stay safe and healthy out there, and don’t forget - it’s important to laugh during stressful times. 


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