The Top 5 CLE Litigators Are Watching Right Now

Katie Carelli | February 17, 2020

Litigators, are you looking to sharpen your skills and learn more about your practice? Look no further than Lawline’s catalog of over 300 litigation CLE. To help narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular courses that litigators are watching right now. 

  • Avoiding Ethical Violations and Malpractice Suits (Update). Learn how attorneys can minimize the risk of malpractice lawsuits and bar sanctions by exploring the top reasons lawyers are sued, and what legal malpractice lawyers look for when filing a complaint or defending their fellow attorneys.
  • An Overview of U.S. Immigration Law (What Every Lawyer Should Know). This course will benefit attorneys in all practice areas as it explores the intersection of immigration and other areas of law, including temporary visas for workers, permanent resident status, eligibility for US citizenship, the anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and more. 
  • Skills for Cross-Examining a Breath Test Officer. Watch this program for a lesson on the scientific concepts surrounding breath testing and how to use them to boost your cross examination skills. Attorneys will learn how to question a breath testing officer using  topics such as Henry’s Law, Beer’s Law, how ambient and body temperature can impact a breath test, and more.
  • Malleable Memory: Addressing Eyewitness Failure in the Courtroom. Eyewitness testimony has a powerful impact on a jury - but is often wrong. Using scientific evidence and an eyewitness case study, this program explores why eyewitness testimony is so often flawed, and the techniques lawyers can use to address this issue at trial.
  • Tips for Successfully Handling Any Deposition. Depositions are one of the most important tools an attorney has, but many don’t know how to effectively utilize depositions during case prep. Sharpen your skills with this program, which reviews the purpose of a deposition, how to prepare for a deposition, and the most common struggles attorneys face when conducting depositions. 

Want more options? Check out our catalog of 300+ litigation courses. Happy viewing!


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