The Top 5 CLE Virginia Attorneys Are Watching Right Now

Katie Carelli | October 13, 2020

While the Virginia CLE deadline was pushed from October 31 to December 31 this year, it’s never too early for Virginia attorneys to complete their CLE! If you’re looking to get started soon,  Lawline has plenty of ethics courses and upcoming live webcasts to choose from. Can’t choose? We’ve compiled a list of the top five most popular courses in Virginia: 

  • Ethics And Etiquette: Synonyms for Each Other? Antonyms to “Attorney”? This program strives to answer the questions presented in its title by defining both terms in relation to the legal field, and reviewing ethical and etiquette pitfalls attorneys may encounter, how to identify them, and how to avoid them.
  • Ethics in Mediation. Alternative Dispute Resolution has become increasingly more common in mediation, however, it’s a process of which many attorneys lack knowledge. This program will explore the ethical considerations when settling negotiations, how to best represent your client, confidentiality and insurance issues, and more. 
  • "Virtual Currency" in a Real Tax World: Tax Implications for Buying, Selling, and Using Virtual Currencies. The rise in popularity of virtual currency such as Bitcoin has invited increased IRS scrutiny of taxpayers that engage in these types of virtual transactions. This program offers tax advisors advice on how to address the various guidance on virtual currency that has been issued by the IRS in order to best guide their clients.
  • 20 Practice Tips to Wow Your SmallBiz Clients. This program will teach attorneys the small business issues they need to know to help start-ups become successful businesses, including specific legal tools that will “wow” their small business clients. 
  • An Attorney's Practical Guide to the Hiring, Management, and Termination of Employees. Need to stay up-to-date on the latest employment laws? This program walks employers through their obligations at every stage of the employment process through discussions of topics such job posting requirements, background checks, I-9 compliance, ensuring employee productivity, employee termination, and more.

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