Top Six Virtual Conferences for Lawyers This Fall

Lawline Staff Writer | October 11, 2021

Virtual learning opportunities have skyrocketed in the last 18 months and are here to stay. These upcoming conferences offer premier educational content, accessibility options, virtual networking opportunities, and an easy way for attorneys all over the world to come together to learn. Check them out below:

  1. October 19: DEI Summit: Exploring Theories on Why the Legal Profession is Lagging in Diversity and Creating Solutions for Meaningful Change. This conference, featuring keynote speaker DeRay McKesson, will offer practical sessions for legal professionals seeking to dismantle structural inequities at every stage of their career. 
  2. October 19 & 20: Reuters Legal Leaders: This global event will preview tactical business decisions for general counsel and leading law firms in the year ahead. 
  3. October 26 - 29: Clio Cloud Conference 2021: The annual Clio conference is a great opportunity for small firms to build skills, create connections, and plan for the future. 
  4. November 9 & 10: DEI Summit: A Real Conversation About Gender: This one of a kind DEI event will explore the intersections of gender and advocacy in the legal profession, including a deep discussion of gender as a civil rights issue for clients and lawyers. 
  5. November 19: Humans First: Supporting the Whole Attorney Through Well-Being: This free conference will provide critical wellbeing tools that law firms and individual attorneys can establish for themselves and their peers to ensure a more balanced, fulfilling experience as a legal professional.
  6. December 9: ABA Anti-Corruption Day of Learning: This brand new conference from the ABA’s Criminal Justice Section will address emerging issues in corruption prevention, featuring speakers from top law firms, regulatory agencies, and in-house counsel.

No matter your practice area, there’s sure to be an event for you this year - don’t miss out!

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