Why Are Online Profiles so Important for Attorneys?

Lawline Staff | August 11, 2020

Online profiles. You might think these are relegated to two places: LinkedIn, for your business endeavors, and Facebook, for your family and friends (read: dopamine fix). In reality, however, the web offers so much more in terms of profile-creating, brand-building, and business-driving options; so if you’re looking to bulk up your online presence in the COVID era, you’re in the right place. 

If you’re already a Lawline Unlimited Subscriber, simply log in and edit your Lawline Profile.  If you’re not yet a subscriber, click here to subscribe for Unlimited access and fill in your profile today.  When you get started, here are three goals that you - and your firm - should always keep in mind:

  1. Establish Your Own Unique Brand. This is not your grandpa’s legal industry. Similar to dozens of other industries, attorneys are more likely to job-hop than they were just a decade ago. (If you’re managing a law firm and looking to hold on to your talent, check out our white paper on the subject!) In order to position yourself as a unique - and uniquely hireable - attorney to be more attractive to potential employers, you need to have a carefully curated online presence. And this doesn’t mean that you’re on LinkedIn Monday through Friday and Instagram on the weekend - you need to do more and do it better. According to the ABA, this is especially important for new attorneys: “For a new lawyer, mastering your online presence can build your profile and aid the progression of your legal career.” 
  2. Build Your Firm’s Brand. As an attorney, building your own brand is not separate from building your firm’s brand. Law firms need to be leveraging multiple platforms and curating each one. On the internet, this can mean the attorneys at the firm have multiple online profiles - their firm profile page (extremely important), and other profiles that all backlink to the firm’s website. As Lexology notes, “without a strong online presence, a firm will fail to reach a sizable audience of potential clients, virtually handing them over to competitors on a silver platter.” They also suggest that listings in online directories are great, but not enough. “Unless you make substantial, ongoing efforts to forge your online presence, you risk being swallowed up by savvy competitors which have learned how to harness the power of the Internet to establish a following and a strong reputation.” Firms and individual attorneys can make savvy, SEO-building choices in the profiles they create, the platforms they use, and the content they disseminate via those profiles. 
  3. Contacts, Leads, and Clients. One major bonus of having a strong online presence is the ability to create leads and meet potential clients. While blogs, firm profiles, legal directories, and professional networks can all cultivate this presence and nurture leads via backlinking, you want to set up multiple touchpoints where potential clients can find and even directly contact you (see tip #20, here). More than half of all contacts from Lawline Profiles are from people looking for legal services or legal advice, giving Lawline subscribers an edge when clients are searching for legal services. 


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