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Lawline Staff | June 26, 2020

Last year, Lawline launched a new product, now available exclusively to our Unlimited Subscribers - a customizable public profile designed to help attorneys boost online visibility and grow their practice.  

The first version of Lawline Profiles was rolled out to our esteemed faculty, who saw immediate contacts from both their peers and potential clients. Said Joey Jackson, “It’s my pleasure to be affiliated with Lawline as a Faculty Member - now, Lawline established a profile for me where potential clients could reach out for assistance with their cases and real life problems. It has resulted in a steady flow of legal inquiries to my firm, and has been a great lead source. Thank you Lawline!”


Now, Lawline Profiles for customers offer several avenues for attorneys to build their brands, including:

  1. An increase in SEO (online visibility);
  2. Additional traffic to their own websites; and 
  3. An easy way to receive new leads and inquiries from potential clients.  


Each attorney’s profile is also a platform to highlight their resume, achievements, and content - all while capitalizing on Lawline’s extensive online presence for maximum visibility. 

“Lawline’s goal has always been to make being an attorney just a little bit easier - from taking the guesswork out of MCLE to making sure attorneys have necessary information at their fingertips,” said David Schnurman, Lawline’s CEO. “Now, we’re using our online presence to help attorneys go further in growing their practice, making it easier for potential clients to find and contact them.” 

Check them out today - and if you’re not already a subscriber, sign up for your Unlimited Subscription now.  


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