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Judie Saunders

For over 20 years, Judie Saunders has worked on behalf of clients accused of serious crimes and individuals who have suffered sexual, physical and psychological injuries. Judie has established a legal practice based on service with offices in New York City and New Jersey. Judie is a trial attorney inspired by her clients and pro bono work performed for incarcerated men, women, and children. Although the practicing the law and growing a profitable business consumes large portions of Judie’s time; politics and grass roots activism are pursuit’s that Judie makes a part of her lifestyle. Even with everything on her plate, Judie has managed to accomplish the following: • The B Corporation status is a prestigious designation that Judie’s law firm has received due to practicing a high level of social and environmental standards including accountability and transparency. • On July 6, 2020, The Women’s Business Enterprise Council awarded Judie’s business the certification of “Women’s Business Enterprise.“ Before earning a law degree, Judie worked as a staff member at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C. Judie also served as an executive team member at the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, IL. It was at that National Convention, where President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were nominated for reelection. During this time period, Judie traveled and worked on national campaigns in Missouri and Illinois. Years later, Judie again worked in politics and policy as a legislative analyst for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. During Judie’s stint in one of the Nation’s largest most dynamic city agencies, Judie worked with commissioners, governmental staffers and elected city council officials. Judie has been quoted and/or featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Orange County Register, New Jersey Law Journal, Evolve 40over40, The Law Firm Growth Podcast, and local publications. Ms. Saunders clients share the following about her: “We reached out to Judie Saunders for help and we got much more. She answered every question and helped us unscramble a legal mess…” “Judie Saunders represented me in a difficult legal matter. Not only did she provide me with sound advice and helped guide me through the process, and in my estimation was very effective in court, but also showed great sensitivity towards me and my family…” Judie does not credit her professional success to the hundreds of cases she’s investigated, over 200 New York City grand juries, jury verdicts obtained or civil actions resolved; instead Judie credits her success to hopeless optimism, an abundance centered mind-set and deep compassion modeled by her parents who brought these characteristics with them from their island home of Trinidad and Tobago. Outside of court, Judie promotes other women, the “underestimated” and underserved though service on non-profit boards, philanthropy, voting rights organizations, chair fundraising events, and mentoring others. Judie lives with her husband, Joe Donahue and their two teenage boys.

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