5 Times #LawyerProblems Perfectly Captured the Struggle

Sarah Mills | July 15, 2019

Chronic stress makes lawyers a melancholy bunch, and nobody understands our pain except other lawyers. Luckily Lawyer Twitter is here to provide a platform for your pain. Check out these top five tweets that truly capture the #LawyerProblems experience:

This type of behavior really deserves to be sanctioned:

You hate to see it (unless it's your adversary): 

The everyday annoyance (like actually every day):

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Written by Sarah Mills

Sarah graduated from Simon's Rock College in 2005 with a BA in Linguistics, then worked in events production for several years before she graduated from New York Law School in 2012. Before joining Lawline, she worked in litigation management as a legal auditor. She loves working as a program attorney as it combines her legal knowledge and production background. She has two kids, two cats, and loves public transit and rainy days.


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